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10 Tools to help you or your child with bullying issues.

Take a stance and stand tall: 

Be strong and confident, be a victor, not a victim.


Use imagination: 

Think about how to resolve the situation, staying calm and to the point.


Try and be friendly:  

It may sound odd? But try to regard the bully as a friend - instead of an enemy.

This often breaks the bully’s cycle of intent.


Stand up for your self: 

Say “NO!”, and don’t be afraid to shout it out loud!


Use humour:

It can turn a threatening situation into a funny, less threatening situation.


Walk away: 

Just don’t get involved – You haven’t got the time to spend with them...

I have to be at this place for a certain time” etc. Ignore the threat and try not be drawn into an altercation. Just refuse to respond or fight. This can often prevent the situation from escalating!


Sympathise with the bully: 

Let the insults go and try not to become angry. After all the issue is with their moral values, not yours. 


Shout loud: 

A loud shout can end a fight before it starts.


Use authority: 

Call a responsible adult to help you with the situation.



Try to reason with a bully: 

Use your most powerful weapon you have… Your brain.

Thank you!

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